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What we put into our bodies through our skin and through our mouths matter.
Our skin is the largest “organ” of our body. It has multiple functions:

- It cushions and protects the deeper tissues
- It is a sensory organ to detect pain, pressure and temperature
- It helps regulate our internal core temperature
- It is the largest organ of elimination

Dr. Veronque, a breast cancer overcomer and a doctor, says “the average person is exposed to over 126 toxic chemicals per day through their body care products alone. There are over 10,000 chemicals used in the personal care products and only 13% of these have been tested for safety.”

Research shows that what we put on our skin is absorbed into blood stream within 26 seconds, therefore, it is important that we put only nourishing ingredients on our skin.
What we store our food, drinks and skin care products in also matters. Certain types of plastics can melt into the ingredients in higher temperatures, and we end up absorbing plastics into our body when we eat, drink or apply the skin care product from the containers.


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