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Toothpaste and our Health

Toothpaste is important to our oral health. However, we need to be aware that anything in our mouth for more than twenty seconds is absorbed into our bloodstream – whether we swallow or not. Therefore, if our toothpastes contain unhealthy ingredients, we are absorbing them into our bloodstream. It is important that we support our health by choosing healthier toothpastes.

We can find out what is in our toothpaste by looking at the color codes on the toothpaste tubes. Color codes are located towards the bottom center of the tooth paste tube. These color codes can only be seen on the tooth paste tube, therefore, one would need to open the box, take out the tube and look at the bottom center on the back of the tube itself.

The more natural the ingredients, as evidenced by the color code, the healthier the toothpaste. Avoiding chemicals is advised.

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